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What’s co.neqt?

Today the exchange of your contact details can be done in multiple ways: starting with verbal communication using a business card or even a short notice on various media.

This transfer does not only require a lot of time and it is prone to errors but it also depends on external impacts like light conditions noise or even the performance of text recognition programs of we are facing business card scanners.


  • Quick transfer
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Single purpose features
  • Broad user structure


  • Various profiles
  • No more rework
  • Personal notes
  • Individual adaption


  • Free basic features
  • Endless contact imports
  • Cross-platform

Contact Swapping with co.neqt

Incomplete addresses, typos, painful corrections – not anymore with co.neqt. What do you need? Just your smartphone and our app.

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  • iOS
  • Android

Why co.neqt?

With co.neqt you share your contact data not only independent from your environment but also within only a few seconds. The additional option to create multiple profiles within the application provides the flexibility to chose which and how much data you would like to share.


  • No inconvenient spelling
  • No annoying typos
  • Direct addressbook integration
  • Works for iOS and Android


  • Quick and easy
  • No waste of time
  • Notification Center support
  • Android Widget


  • Multiple profiles
  • Individual contact information
  • Flexible profile adaptation
  • Edit contacts on import

using co.neqt

Sharing and receiving contact information has never been so easy - no matter where you are

Your Benefit

Each entry can be supplemented with individual notes and provides therefore an easy way to relocate each contact. Just add personal notes, occupation or the location where you’ve met and easily search within your address book later.

And what if your acquaintance doesn’t use co.neqt yet? Therefore, we implemented a feature to transfer the QR Code afterwards. Even the exchange between multiple platforms and devices is no problem. With co.neqt, you can swap your contact information between iPhones and Android devices (Samsung, Sony, HTC, Huawei, Google etc.) and the other way round.

Swapping contact details
incredibly easy

It has never been that simple to stay in contact.

Share profiles

Don´t waste your time dictating, proof-reading and double-checking your contact details! Just send it to any other device within seconds.

Receive contact

Never ever receive incorrect contact details from new acquaintances. And stop wasting your time managing your contacts. Just save them!

Edit contacts

Save new address book entries the way you like. Receive and edit new contacts in one step and send them directly to your address book!

Add more

Create your own customized profiles that fit every occation! Show your new acquaintances who you really are!

Contact us

Please contact us for any further questions, doubts or suggestions

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